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20:23 14.09.2015
Spammers made me to install small anti-spam system you are now speaking with.
Please reply "I want sex" without quotes and spaces if you want to contact me.
Защита от спама. Пожалуйста пришлите слово "I want sex" без кавычек.
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Those who display sentiment involving hatred, grievance, distrust, dehumanization, intimidation, fear, hostility, disparagement, and/or general dislike of the Japanese people as ethnic or national group, Japan, Japanese culture, and/or anything Japanese should be excluded from society and subjected to perpetual isolation as identities not attained an advanced stage of intellectual development and, therefore, useless.
С 18 лет
Некоторые материалы представленные на данном сайте могут иметь ограничение по возрасту +18.
Администрация не несет ответственности за их просмотр =^_^=.
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